I want to export all pages (in all namespaces, and with all revisions!) of a public MediaWiki installation. I’m just a visitor, so I have no admin access.

The export is possible with the Special:Export page. It takes a list of page names and exports all given pages in a single XML file. Great!

However, how could I get a list of all pages?

There is Special:AllPages. Problems:

  • The results are paginated.
  • It doesn’t include the namespace in the page name (anchor text).

Is there a better way?

(I know that there may be various special extensions that allow visitors to export pages or download a backup, however, assume that the MediaWiki installation in question doesn’t use any extensions, it’s just a default installation.)

  • Special:AllPages doesn't include the namespace, because it lists only pages from one namespace at a time. But you might have a better luck with using the API, specifically, the allpages module.
    – svick
    Mar 20, 2014 at 12:48

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When you have no shell access use the WikiTeam DumpGenerator.py script. This can do a XML dump of the current pages or with all their history and also does a dump of all available images along with their descriptions.

  • 2
    Great tool, thank you! For others interested: as a first step, it creates a text file that contains all page names (incl. namespace), so if someone only needs this, this tool can do it.
    – unor
    Mar 25, 2014 at 6:30

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