How does Google Analytics tracks users? Is each user is tracked as unique user?

I have a doubt about a goal flow in Google Analytics. I'm working on an ecommerce site. I set the goal as reach the "thank you" page after purchasing something. Before reaching the thank you page, users have to complete a checkout process. My doubt is about what happen if a user leaves the checkout process and comes back to site for add to cart another object and then returns to checkout and completes the order? What would I see on the goal flow? Would it be 2 entries into the checkout process (the first access and then the second one, after the user has added something to the cart) and 1 abandonment?

I want to know if the user which has leave the checkout process and the user which completes the order is the same user. How can I track this?

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Goal Flow report let you see data based on pageviews, so you can analyze page by page. It's not like funnel visualization that is visits based.

So, in that scenario, your visitor would report as an exit in the first visit, then as a goal completed in the second.

More here: http://www.lunametrics.com/blog/2012/08/06/goal-flow-how-visitors-really-move-through-funnel/ https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2976313?hl=en

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