I want to install OSQA using Xampp on Windows 7 32bit. I've followed the instructions on this tutorial until the "Install the database server" section. In this section, to create a database, I've used phpMyAdmin and created a database (name: osqa; password: 1234). Now my problem is the next step, "Edit settings". In this step I don't know how to fill in the settings_local.py's fields.

I know that Apache needs mod_wsgi.so so, I've placed mod_wsgi.so into my apache modules directory and then added LoadModule wsgi_module modules/mod_wsgi.so to the file httpd.conf. Then I restarted the apache with no errors. Then I followed the next steps, but after entering in my browser, I just see a blank page!

Can someone please provide me with an instruction in full details? Please note that I don't like to use Bitnami osqa for some reasons. Unfortunately, the official support for OSQA is not very active in these days.

P.s.: I'm using Python 2.7.5 and Django 1.6.2. Also my OSQA source files are in C:\xampp\htdocs\osqa.


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