"Web Intents" were deprecated in Chrome 24 (November/2011) and are no longer supported in any browser:

We also gathered a lot of valuable data and feedback from our experimental support for Web Intents and decided to disable the feature in today's Beta release.

Is there an HTML5 standard that I can look into as an alternative to what Web Intents intended? I'm interested in how web services can be stitched together. For example, imagine a website that can import a image from any number of web-services, modify the image in some way, then push the file back to any number of other web-services, all via HTML5 standards.

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Rather than waiting for another stack to be developed, you might be interested in the commentary here. It's not super recent commentary, but seems to offer reasonable suggestions. In a nutshell, there are a couple minimalist alternatives mentioned which work with JS shims:

  1. Using custom protocol handlers as the target of postMessage channels.
  2. Using message channels via navigator.registerContentHandler and navigator.registerProtocolHandler

On 23/May/14 Robin Berjon created a interesting unofficial draft proposal of "Web Wishes": http://darobin.github.io/web-wish/

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