My website publishs news and articles. But in homepage I have just 2 sidebar. In one of them I publish 10 lastest news.

Now I want to know what type of Schema.org should be used for this IMPORTANT sidebar? Should I use 'sidebar'?

Also in one of my pages, I publish links to all articles. Should U use for these pages the 'blog' type?

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Each of your news is a CreativeWork. Probably the more specific Article, maybe the more specific NewsArticle.

For the list, you could make use of ItemList (see an example), but this is not required (I’d only do that if the list and its ordering have to be available in Microdata). You could simply use HTML’s ul and be done with it.

If you think this is more like a blog (see my answer about Article vs. BlogPosting), you could use BlogPosting with Blog as parent.

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