I would like to start using GIT for version controling. Here are my prerequisites:

  • I'm on Windows
  • Most of the time I would need to work on Wordpress templates
  • I have to deploy on multiple shared hosting services - no SSH access
  • Some of the hosting services offer GIT hosting, but the connection is only via HTTP (WebDav)

I think the solution might be:

  1. Clone https://github.com/markjaquith/WordPress-Skeleton to a local main repo to have always updated WP installation.
  2. Turn on Wordpress multi-site to be able to develop more plugins on one WP installation.
  3. Develop Wordpress themes locally as GIT submodules - should I then add paths to the WP themes to main repo's .gitignore to not to track changes twice (main repo+submodule)?
  4. Commit changes to BitBucket account to have all of the repos at one place
  5. When deploying:
    • on hosting with GIT: add remote GIT repository (on the hosting), push to the repository via WebDav from the local repo and deploy
    • on hosting without GIT: use something like - git-ftp: http://anantgarg.com/2013/09/25/git-ftp-for-windows/ to copy the changed files from local GIT to remote hosting via FTP - but I wasn't able to find if it is possible to upload via FTPS

What are the disadvantages to this? Is there a better (free!) solution?

BTW: is it safe (secure connection) to connect to a remote repository like: https://username:password@myhosting.tld ? Won't anyone be able to see the username and password?

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