I have a question regarding conversion tracking using Google Analytics. My client uses an external payment service provider - SecureTrading.

Problem: All website visitors who would like to make a purchase are taken to a payment form on https://securetrading.net and are redirected back after a successful payment. Google Analytics counts that as a referral and messes up conversion tracking stats.

Question: What needs to be changed / added in the payment forms or Google Analytics settings so that the conversions would be assigned to the right traffic sources.


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Solution: use cross-domain tracking

E-commerce transactions: crossing between domains

If you require that visitors cross domains during the checkout process on your site, you must ensure that you have added the necessary lines to your tracking code. Please refer to the FAQ on tracking 3rd-party shopping baskets for more information. If you do not add these lines to the tracking code, the referring-source information gets dropped when a visitor navigates between the domains and the transactions in your reports may be attributed to direct visits instead of CPC or organic traffic.

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