I recently addressed the community to understand why normal images are being filtered by Google Image Search.

I have several sites placed on the same server (and that they all definitely share the same IP address) and one of those sites has Adult content on it. I am now assuming that the filtering problem might be caused by the fact that the generic site shares the same IP address as the adult site.

If I remove the adult site from being hosted or from this IP address, will it solve my filtering problem for the rest of my sites? What else can I do besides the removal of mentioned adult site from that IP address?

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Just removing the adult site from that IP address won't cause your images to start popping up immediately in normal image search results.

A better option would be to maybe move the normal sites to a different IP address and let the Adult site sit on that IP address.

It is possible that the IP address has been marked as being a host for Adult content and it may take a while for that status to change.

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