I have my own web server and I purchased domain name to use it with my website.

For example - my domain name is www.example.com

When I navigate to www.example.com/example.html (or www.example.com/example) I will always be redirected to 178.xx.xx.xx/index.html.

I was able to implement navigation within my website using relative links, but when I do so it would not show the correct URL (for example, I am on www.example.com/index.html page, and I navigate to /example.html - URL bar would show www.example.com/index.html instead of www.example.com/example.html)

If I navigate to 178.xx.xx.xx/example.html manually, it opens the right page, so I assume that my server works correctly.

I am using Debian with Apache for my web server. For my domain I redirect www.example.com to http://178.xx.xx.xx/ with cloak.

From all above I assume the problem is with my domain configuration, as I tried my friend domain name, and it worked correctly.

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Make sure you have a basic A Host setup with your domain registrar host. If its correct then edit your htaccess and make sure that looks fine

  • Thanks. My problem was, I had Web Forward enabled instead of A Record. Feb 16, 2014 at 9:15

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