If you all are nerds like me then you are aware of xkcd. If I wanted to go about creating my own web comic with a website layout similar to this one, then what would you recommend? Drupal (if so, also refer me to any non-default modules that I would need), WordPress, straight up html?

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Check out ComicPress, based on on Wordpress.


the simpler is Blogger, that you can custom to have the same layout.

Simpler because:

  • free (not like freedom)
  • easy to use
  • easy to custom (behavior, template, CSS...)
  • no installation
  • no worry about hosting
  • direct integration with Picasa for your pictures
  • you can use your own domain name
  • Useful widgets

You might consider Tumblr. Tumblr has most of what Blogger offers, plus it has a 'post-to-Twitter' feature. Also, Tumblr allows you to schedule when posts should be published (though to be fair, you can do this with Blogger too).

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