I'm using Google AdSense's responsive unit and on load it fits my browser window.

The problem is that AdSense decides to fill the relevant space with both Square and Banner/Rectangle size Ads. I only want Banner size ads.

I've tried putting the Ad in a container that only has a height of 60px but it will still load the square size ads.

How do I tell AdSense I only want Banner/Rectangle size Ads?

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Read the information given on this page. I think you are using smart sizing which chooses one of the ad sizes based on the screen size by setting data-ad-format to auto. Try the data-ad-format to "rectangle, horizontal". ( I think it will work but I am not sure. If it doesn't work, try other values. )

By default, our responsive ad code includes a data-ad-format tag with the value of "auto" which enables the auto-sizing behavior for the responsive ad unit. However, you can set a general shape for your responsive ad unit by changing the value of data-ad-format to one of these values: "rectangle", "vertical", "horizontal" or any combination of these separated by a comma, e.g., "rectangle, horizontal".

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