I need to know for a Joomla site

there is system cache plugin

then there is global configuration setting to enable cache - how is it different from system cache plugin

below are some of speed optimization i have already done

Enabled system cache plugin

ExpiresActive On with ExpiresByType done

AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE done

My site has mostly database queries been updated in terms of new product listings. Does enabling global configuration conservative cache can also help in reduce loading time (despite face where we have already enabled joomla system cache)

How is Global configuration conservative cache different from joomla system cache plugin. What is the difference Thanks

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As I understand it, the global settings version caches the views and parameters of components and modules, rather than the content. This means that if you change the content, then the change will be instantly visible to users.

However, this method of caching may not be a feature of third-party components (Joomla states here: Component developers have to include this in their code to work.)

The plugin saves whole pages in a temporary directory, so if you change the content, then you are likely to still see the old version until the cache is cleared.

There is a nice overview of how the plugin works here.

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