When user creates a real-estate content page, the title will be created by the rules I will create.

Lets say there will be 10,000 flats on sale in London.

So to make this as good as I can - how do I make good rules for page title for all content created?

I would make tokens that will handle this something like:

"City" - "Type of real-estate + ft" - "price" - "Website name"


(London - Apartment 50ft - $120,000 - WEBSITE NAME)

I could probably think of something better if I had 5 - 10 flats, but when I know there will huge amount of them I have no idea which will work best.

The content has many fields which could be used for page title (address, postal, price, number of floors, parking lots etc.)

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How about?

Flat for sale: [type of real estate] - [street name], [city], [post code] - [price]

I think this would pretty much cover any initial search criteria from the search results page when someone is searching for flats for sale.

  • I think there is no point for price up there (nobody really searches for "flat in hackney for 300000 pounds" on a search engine), although it should be prominent on the body of the page. The rest I think it's a very good page title.
    – milo5b
    Jan 19, 2014 at 14:03
  • Price not be searched for no but it is essential to whether a buyer will find out more about a property. If the price is out of their range then they can rule it out immediately. Placed at end of page title though due to the minimal importance.
    – zigojacko
    Jan 19, 2014 at 14:25
[Property type] [For (sale|rent)] in ([street]), [Area], [city], [postcode]

For example

2 bedroom flat for sale in Mare Street, Hackney, London, E5 0AB

Or a slight variation of this. At least this is how the main players do it.

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