i was wondering one thing.

Actually .com and all generic domain extensions specifies that the site is available for all countries while country side domain extensions like .fm .mx or .sh specifies to search engines that your site is developed for that specific country,

What if i buy 2 domains like thisismysite.org and site.am and then i redirect thisismysite.org to site.am , will site.am be treated like a a general domain extension then?

OR i'll need anyway a generic domain to say to search engines that my site is generic all country sides available?


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If the redirect is a 301 redirect, then google and duckduckgo, etc should ignore the from and use the to, if you get what I mean. So whatever your to is will be how the engine knows your site.

I think in general the A to your Q is no, or '.am' will not be treated as '.org'.


Whilst is correct that if you compare example.com with example.it, the last one it's likely to have a little bit more relevance if the hosted content is in Italian and the user is performing a search for an Italian context, there are a number of factors that may determine a linguistic relevance.

This means that there is nothing preventing you to host an Armenian site using a .com or .net extension.

To answer your question, if you purchase example.am and you host international content at that URL, the domain will be treated like an international context. This will happen regardless you will purchase thisismysite.org or not.

Keep in mind that is not the extension that determines the context of the domain. In some specific cases it may provide a small advantage, but in the majority of cases this is totally irrelevant.

There are plenty of sites using the .io or .me extension for English contents, when those extensions are expected to belong to British Indian Ocean Territory and Montenegro.


There is a setting in Google Webmaster Tools where you can choose target country. I think if you select target as USA which is for .com you will be kinda of generic.

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