I'm trying to share posts from my WordPress blog on Facebook. I want them to show in the new format with large thumbnails.

Here's is what I'm using:

<meta property='og:site_name' content='<?php wp_title(''); ?>'/>
<meta property='og:type' content='turmtheater:vorstellung' />
<meta property='og:title' content='mytitle' />
<meta property='og:url' content='<?php the_permalink(); ?>' />
<meta property='og:image' content='<?php echo get_img_url(); ?>' />

The image-URL is definitely correct and points to a large image (1400 * 650 or something like that). But Facebook still re-sizes the image to the old 116*116 format.

Shouldn't it work if og:image is given, or is there anything else needed?

Edit: If I repost the link from my facebook wall, the repostet link shows the large image. So Facebook definitely uses the right one. It just displays as a small post.


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I don't know of any way to force Facebook to show an image in a specific size in the news feed. Facebook does resize images to fit in the news feed. If they are using the correct image from your site, you have done all you can do. It is then up to Facebook to determine how large they are willing to show it.

  • I found another similar question. Manually sharing the page often leads to different outcomes. In my case that worked. Jan 18, 2014 at 13:13

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