I have singe page website.

So I have just only single page - home page.

If some one types www.mysite.com/anything into their address bar and I redirect to home page is this bad for SEO?

It is probably better to have separate 404 page but I am just wondering because single page sites are by their nature not perfect for SEO. Maybe if I redirect to the home page on 404 I would damage it's rankings?

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I do understand your concern about SEO. However don't forget about your visitors: what will help them the most? A 404 or a redirect to your front page which contains all the content you have on your site. Personally I think a 404 error might break the single page user experience you're creating. However in case there is need for a 404 error, your visitors may get annoyed because they have no idea why your website isn't working.

I believe that your best option is a 301 redirect. Even though a single page website may not be the best for SEO, there are enough other tactics you can and should implement.


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