When I search for a UPC code in Google, on top of the screen there are two special links to FedEX and UPCDatabase.com. Obviously the way it works is that Google recognizes the strings as valid UPC codes and then loads these "smart links". What are these "smart links" called and how have Fedex and UPCDatabase.com implemented them to have them linked to their website?

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Special informatonal sections at the top of search results are usually called "Google OneBox". Here is a "museum" of some different oneboxes:

Google engineers implement these when they feel they would be useful for users. Webmasters don't have a good way to suggest to Google that something similar should be done for the data on their own site.

  • This is very unfair, I'm going to contact Google regarding this. I think all companies in every industry should at least be able to apply to be included in the One Box feature!
    – teeparty
    Commented Jan 21, 2014 at 19:55

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