I'm wondering whether Google (and other search engine) pay any attention to the text appearing in images such as Comments, Description, Exif, etc.

I'm wondering as I would imagine that it would be nice if a user creating a website with a CMS would be warned if the image text fields are not defined, or if defined, be shown the existing data to make sure it is proper.

However, that's a lot of work if the data is never used anyway!

What I'm after is a link to an authoritative video (with Matt for instance) or document that talks about this.

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I don't think Google pay attention to the texts appearing in images. It would consider the file name of the image, alt attribute, external anchor text and content around the image. See this link for detailed information.

  • I see that they say "Don't embed important text inside images" which is quite usual from Google. If the user cannot see, we don't see it either. Dec 28, 2013 at 11:25

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