Whenever I redesign a website, I spend a lot of time manually checking whether the new website is still supported on all major browsers by opening the website on the corresponding browser.

What is a time-efficient way of testing cross browser compatibility?

  • There are some web services like Browser Stack for you pay a monthly fee and can test on lots of web browsers over lots of operating systems. It's a lot simpler than managing your own virtual machines.
    – Brendon
    Commented Dec 8, 2013 at 12:23

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The two approaches are:

  1. Install all the browsers that you can on the computers that you have.
  2. Sign up for a service that has all these installed for you and lets you access them. There are several available. I find that is it generally cost effective to do this rather than continually having to buy (and manage) machines just for testing. I personally use crossbrowsertesting.com

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