I thought this would be pretty simple but i can't really figure out how to use a query string to create a custom report.

I have multiple pages where all have a query string called ?platform=. There may be other query strings as well and "platform" may not be the first one.

All I want to do is to create a report where I can see all visits that has a page with the ?platform= query string as a landing page. Then I want to be able to click on each possible value of the platform parameter and get separate stats from that.

I guess it's very similar to the "search" query parameter feature but I already use that for search.

I also know I could create an custom event or a custom variable and track it that way but it feels a bit weird since it already is a parameter in the URL that Analytics knows about.

I've found some data in the "Behavior -> Path" metric but i can't really figure out to make Analytics treat is as a "filter" more or less so I can drill down into the the value of the query string.

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Create custom report via "Personalization":

  • add metrics and dimensions at your gusto
  • filter by Destination Page
  • match type Regex
  • filter /\?platform (This might need tweaking if "platform" is not always the first parameter in the URL.)

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