Can IIS7 be setup to have many roots? Say I have a local server on our LAN called jupiter. Staff can view their sites via a folder structure such as http://jupiter/staff/karen. While this works ok, what they cannot do is use relative addressing to its full. Should they wish to link to a home page then using href="/default.html" or something similar will take then to the root of jupiter and not to their own top directory.

What is the easiest way to accomplish this? I know I can use ports (i.e. http://jupiter:1001) to get to karens site, but I would much prefer something like http://karen.jupiter or http://jupiter/~karen) where accessing the root will take them to the top of their own site structure.


To get this to work you would need to:

  • Configure your internal DNS to have many host names associated with this server. You could probably use a wildcard DNS rule to achieve this easily.
    • jupiter
    • karen.jupiter
    • bob.jupiter
    • etc.
  • Set up a virtual host for each user in the IIS configuration. Here is a guide that tells you how to do that.

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