I'm trying to automate WHM to download and install Joomla into any new cPanel accounts I create, rather than doing it manually each time. However I can't find any permalink to the latest version of Joomla that I can use to grab the required zip. Does one exist?


Sadly unlike WordPress and other content managements Joomla as far as I know have opted not to use latest.zip but rather use a version with the file name.

Your best bet would be to subscribe to Joomla's RSS feed at http://feeds.joomla.org/JoomlaSecurityNews and look out for new updates then login to your administrator panel and do the click update.

WordPress now auto updates...

It's worth mentioning that WordPress as of 3.7.1 includes a automated and unattended update feature, maybe Joomla will follow suit.

  • I thought as much. Thanks for the confirmation - I'll maybe try and parse the RSS feed within my automation script. – codinghands Nov 8 '13 at 12:17
  • Joomla Already have it, When you check Joomla Admin panel It Shows new update available How they doing It ? look at my answer. – Jobin Apr 25 '14 at 11:57

Try this,

For Long Term Support (LTS) branch -( Recommended) Stable release


Short term support (STS) branch


Testing versions.


All these XML files have link to their details zip files.

You have to look at the last node of each XML file for getting latest version.

Hope it helps..

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