Many years ago I may have bought a few sitewide links for some of my sites, these have now come back to haunt me and I need to sort them out.

I've tried to contact the owners but they're too lazy to bother changing the sites so I figure it's time to disavow the links.

But is there a way to disavow all of the sitewide links on the domain apart from on the index page and would this be a benefit to leave the index or would it still be seen as spammy?

Something like ...

# Contacted owner of shadyseo.com on 7/1/2012 to
# ask for link removal but got no response

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There is no way to disavow a portion of a site. Here is the documentation for the disavow file format. It only supports three types of lines:

  1. Comments that start with a #
  2. Single URLs (each on a line by itself)
  3. Domain rules such as domain:shadyseo.com

The disavow file does NOT support more complex matches such as:

  • Folder matches
  • Wildcard matches
  • Regular expression matches.

The only way to disavow all the links on a site other than on the homepage would be to make a complete list of all the pages with links on the site but then not include the home page.

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