I'm trying to determine the best possible Schema.org type to declare for the content section in the template of a content management system, which will handle regular news posts for small, local hospitality businesses. The type should represent the content of that page, which is likely to be a wide range of things.

The description for Article pretty strongly encourages its use to be limited to the articles of a publication. For purely semantic reasons, I'm not sure if Blog is appropriate in this case -- businesses won't be creating typical "blog" content but are more likely to be writing about upcoming events, special deals, awards, etc. Would WebPage be appropriate in this instance?

Although I'm a fan of the Schema.org concept, I frequently find myself unsure how broadly or narrowly I'm meant to infer the meaning of a type. In such cases, is it safe to use a high-level element, such as CreativeWork, or does this blunt the usefulness of the markup?

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I think using Article is appropriate.
"Newspapers and magazines" (from its description) are just examples, not the only possible publication mediums. For example, every BlogPosting is also an Article.

You even might consider the more specific NewsArticle type in your case, as you are publishing news posts (for using this type, it doesn’t matter who publishes them, or what they are about).

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