I am using Google Analytics app from cloudflare which is awesome and they manage it to cover everything even the error pages and I like that but there is one page and one page only that I don't want it to be covered. How can i stop the Google Analytics from monitoring it?

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Login to Google Analytics and select the view in question.

Top right click admin > filters > new filter > custom filter

You could use page title if it's a unique title - just enter the title in the filter text box.

Or you could filter the URL by typing in all or part of the URL.

Screen shot attached.

enter image description here


You can also wrap your Google analytics code in a conditional statement pseudo php code using a page ID from a dynamic website. You may also use the current URL path in place of a page ID for static pages. This will prevent tracking code from firing on the page you do not want to track


$dt = 123; // The page ID if available of the page to NOT track

if($current_page_id != $dt){
...show analytics code
  • This does not answer the question, as Cloudflare adds the Google Analytics code independent of the server side. @Doug Firr is the way to go – Mastergalen Oct 26 '13 at 22:46

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