My client's website has just reached spot 1 for the most valuable keyword. We acquired the domain that was at #1 spot. It's a keyword domain (targetkeyword.tld). Just wondering what would be the best way to make use of it.

A permanent redirect or a single page that hyperlinks to the brand website?

Should I be concerned about anything negative associated to this keyword domain (poor backlinks and the fact that this website was down for about one month)?

  • Did you reach the number one spot with this newly acquired domain, or without? – MrWhite Oct 16 '13 at 7:05
  • Without this domain, just stuck to the basics. I was at #3 for a long time but just last month the domain at #1 expired (which I ended up buying) and #2 got toppled by our domain. – Anon Oct 16 '13 at 8:06

A domain name that is just the keywords you optimize for is generally called an "Exact Match Domain" (EMD). In September 2012, Google launched an algorithm that prevents EMDs from ranking very highly (or at least, not as highly as they once did).

Your choices for an EMD are:

  1. Use for your site and redirect your old domain name to it.
  2. Use your existing brand URL, and redirect the EMD to it.
  3. Create a new site on the EMD.

Google seems to love sites that build brands and value EMD much less than it used to. Given that, I would be very wary of trying for option #1.

Option #2 would be good if the EMD gets type in traffic. Otherwise it won't get additional traffic.

Option #3 could be good as long as you don't duplicate content between the sites, but it is a significant amount of work.

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How much can one website (potentially one page) with a few links really help? Unless you're creating a whole new website, that would potentially compete with the one you have now, there's not a whole lot to gain. The exception is to use a 301 redirect. Keeping that name is also good so you can keep the competition from doing so.

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  • Is there any risk associated in case old domain has got some negative factors associated (not that I could find any) and will 301 redirect from a keyword domain be counted actively? – Anon Oct 16 '13 at 2:43
  • That is a good question, and to be honest I'm not sure. But I have heard of people giving up on domains and starting over with a new one just because its so hard to remove a domain from being penalized. I would be wary of redirecting it if there are any red flags. Hopefully somebody with more knowledge about that can shine a better light on the subject. – riseagainst Oct 16 '13 at 12:14

All search engines support keyword oriented domain but should be genuine and closely related to your business/brand.

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