Today while searching my domain name in google search i found the first link is google adwords link with my website title and link as subdomain.

Eg .I searched mydomain.com in google search

first google adwords result

mydomain.com buy best products from www.theirdomain.com/mydomain , mydomain.theirdomain.com

What i feel is this the way of hijacking my domain traffics to their domain ? Can i complaint to google adwords about this about policy issue ?

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This is entirely allowed within AdWords unless they are mentioning a trademarked term or brand name of yours in their ad copy. AdWords trademark policy. Although this year, Google did release a new policy that allowed advertisers to bid on trademarked terms for the first time.

In fact, it is quite common to bid on and use competitor's name/products in AdWords ads.

You can learn more on this here.

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