I’m looking to improve the Schema.org markup on a site, but I’m curious about a couple of things because of the content: webinars. See an example: https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/667/83483

There are tens of thousands of webinars (and some videos) almost all of which are on-demand and therefore would seem to be clear-cut Video objects. The thing is, many of these webinars are scheduled well in advance and would seem (semantically) to be a live event, which would fall under the Event object category of Schema.org.

So I see three options:

  • Tag everything as a Video
  • Tag videos and on-demand webinars as Videos and upcoming webinars as Events
  • Tag all videos as Videos and all webinars, upcoming and on-demand, as Events


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EducationEvent is a more specific Event, which may be appropriate for your case.

Event/EducationEvent don’t define a property for specifying the actual "event" or the result of the event, probably because events typically happen in a location. I guess the description shouldn’t be used to include the video itself, as it’s defined as "short description of the item".

Update: There is the recordedIn property:

The CreativeWork that captured all or part of this Event.

So you could use EducationEvent for the (live) webinar, and use recordedIn to reference the recording, in form of an VideoObject.

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