My desired result is change a file to root / from a N number of paths.

For example: www.host.com/a/b/c/e/f/g/images/1.jpg, where A~G is not always given. Result: www.host.com/images/1.jpg.

This is what I have so far: www.host.com/a/images --> www.host.com/images using: RewriteRule ^a\/images/$ images/$1 [L].

What I need is a wildcard in front of /images/ like this: RewriteRule ^*\/images/$ images/$1 [L].

How can I do this correctly in .htaccess?


This should do the trick: RewriteRule ^.+\/images/$ images/$1 [L]

In regex, the .+ is a wildcard matching at least one character, so it will match

www.host.com/**a**/images and www.host.com/**a/b**/images but not www.host.com/images.

When working with regular expressions for pattern matching, I have always found this page helpful: http://regular-expressions.info/.

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