How do I get a partial refund (credit memo) working in Magento? I have a customer who bought 3 items but only wants to get a refund on one of the items. Is there a way to do that?

Also, can I move that item back to the inventory (like updating the stock automatically)?

(duplicate of question on StackOverflow, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4159696/partial-refunds-in-magento)

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You can do partial refunds in Magento quite easily.

Go to the order that needs a partial refund, click Credit Memo and then scroll down to the table of products the customer purchased. Change the quantities to the amount you want to purchase and then continue with the credit memo.


If the products are stock managed items (i.e. if the stock level decreases after sales) then the item should then be returned to the stock automatically. Note: I have never used stock management so this may be incorrect.


You can do partial refunds only if the payment method supports partial refunds. In the payment method class of the payment method used for the order you must have protected $_canRefundInvoicePartial = true;

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