Users that are logged in have access to their own page site.com/club/their-name-here. If they're not logged in I 302 redirect that link to site.com/club/ where there's the log in form.

I kept reading about this and it seems that some say it's ok, some recommend that it should be with a 301 redirect.

Will I get penalized for this?


Whatever you do I wouldn't use a 301 for this. This will cause bots to all think your pages are all moved to your login page. While a 302 whould be a good pragmatic choice since it technically has more support in browsers you may want to go with a 303 and be just a little less ambiguous about how you want this handled.

Wiki has a much more detailed description of the difference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_302


Is site.com/club/their-name-here a public page? It seems if they are not logged in and redirect to /club/ which shows a login then it is only visible to users logged in? Why not create a universal login page at example.com/login and once authenticated redirect to site.com/club/their-club-name Or for that matter site.com/their-name

The redirect you have isn't bad since /club/ most likely doesn't have any content, so 301 redirecting isn't taking away any link juice to a page with any value, so there isn't much to worry about in that regard.

Is /club really needed? Or is it there because of how the website and application were developed? Would your website still make sense to visitors and users if it were just site.com/their-name?

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