I'm designing a mobile CSS file for my website. It normally has a top navigation bar, like in here, Stack Exchange's sites. In my mobile version, I plan to hide the topbar, and put a button, which toggles the topbar on/off, but default it is off.

Will Google ever find about my site's mobile version? The URL is the same. And if it does, will it consider this as a "black-hatting"?

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No it will not be black hat as you have placed a button to turn it on and off. Imagine if its a black hat then there are millions who are using buttons to hide content using button like "see more".


That's absolutely safe. The Googlebot only gets upset when you "cloak" content on your page. That is, if you detect the Googlebot user agent and serve up a modified/different page to manipulate the bot.


If that is the case then why do a lot of mobile sites running on WordPress have a mobile on/off switch, they would be penalised by Google but they are not, so it seems for the moment to be safe to do.

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