It is common that people use regional TLDs with a fake meaning to register a good-looking website. A famous example is .me, which is popularly offered by most of registrars alongside generic domains.

As far as I know, search engines somehow weight the regional websites. For example, a .ca is supported to be targeted in Canada. I understand that search engines are adjusted to the market popularity, but I am curious, if a regional TLD such as .me is considered as a generic TLD when targeting globally?

In general, my question is that how much TLD affects the SEO for global audience?


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Although .me is a country code top-level domain (ccTLD), it has been one of the fastest-growing and widely used in history. Consequently it's considered to be generic enough to use for targeting a global audience, as discussed by Matt Cutts here (~1:34).

In the case with .me therefore, it should be treated as equally by search engines as generic top-level domains (gTLD), for example: .com, .info, .net, and .org.

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