I am running a classified website. At the moment I am using lazy loading with jquery to load content while scrolling.

I got to know that using jquery loading is not good for search-engine bots and java-script disabled web browsers.

So I added pagination links to appear if the javascript are disabled.I use same page(index.php) to generate paginated results as follows,

1st page --->http://www.example/classified/index.php
2nd page --->http://www.example/classified/index.php?page_id=2
3rd page --->http://www.example/classified/index.php?page_id=3 ....etc

I don't want to add paginated results to search engines.But I need my index.php to be in search engines.

So as for some articles I decided to use "noindex,follow" in the meta robots tag in index.php.But as for my knowledge this will also skip indexing the index.php also.

What my problem is will it work? or what should I do for index my index.php without paginated results in search engines?

Thank you

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I don't want to add paginated results to search engines. But I need my index.php to be in search engines.

If you want index.php to be indexed, but the paginated links not to be indexed, then noindex,follow will do the opposite: The noindex tells search engines not to index the page, and the follow tells them to follow links on the page.

To tell search engines to index the page but not to follow links on it, use: index,nofollow. For more information, see this from Google, and What is NoIndex / Follow and when do I need it? (from a different Dan).

Alternatively, you can disallow paginated URLs from being indexed in your robots.txt:

Disallow: /*?page_id=
  • No problem, hope it helped :-)
    – dan
    Sep 13, 2013 at 9:28

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