Can we create custom flash advertisement for Google ad-sense? like yahoo does? I tried on my adwords account but there is no way except followings,

1) Upload custom image advertisement.

2) Update the Google flash templates.


Google as far as I know does not have a inbuilt flash maker that will convert a series of images and sound to a Flash Compatible file, so with this said you will need to make your own. When you upload a image to Adwords you can see it says 'Acceptable Formats: PNG, JPEG, SWF and so on.. the important file format to take notice off here is .swf - this is a flash based file.

A lot of people use Adobe Flash Builder and Adobe Flash Professional when designing flash files for adwords through there are cheaper alternatives that I'll let you explore for yourself using the good old Google Search.

Adwords will however convert your flash to HTML5 compatible devices Source:

AdWords can convert Flash to HTML5, which can be viewed on most major desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. The converted ad may not be 100% identical to the Flash ad you created, so be sure to preview it before saving. Most shapes, embedded fonts, timeline animation, text, movie clips, buttons, and scripting are supported, but not filters or blending. The system automatically determines which version of your ad to show, based on the device that your customer is using.

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