I am currently developing a website as a side-project. There's really nothing on it, and for the past few months the site has been online I've been getting no traffic except for that which I generate myself.

However, a week ago I got exactly 200 unique hits on the following url:


Looking around, I came across this discussion (and only that discussion). The given answer, that "someone may have borrowed some of your site code" seems highly unlikely, given that all three reports match the /ga/abpages/...-original.html pattern, and two of them confirmed that they saw exactly 200 hits.

Additionally, the /ga/ path makes me think the path is directly related to Googles' own ga.js.

Here is all the meta-data I can associate with the hits; all other demographics are not set.

  • Page Title: original page
  • Traffic: Direct
  • Language: en-us
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Resolution: 1280x1024
  • OS: Linux

None of the hits have any navigation data associate with them—they land, then bounce.

What are these phantom hits and where are they coming from?

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