I've got a google webmasters tool account with a website I help look after, they've employed the services of an SEO/SEM company* who have asked to add google/microsoft/yahoo webmasters tools accounts

I don't want to give them access to my account (its tied in with other websites I have on webmasters tools) so my question is it ok/possible to have multiple webmaster tools accounts on a website?

*The company are trustworthy, they've been great to deal with.


Yes, you can. A site can have multiple owners. You don't need to give access to your account, each owner can have its own account and verify it against the site.

See Multiple Users.

A site can have more than one verified owner, and you can add and remove owners easily using the Manage Verification page. (Note: To add a person as a user, that person must have a valid Google Account—for example, a Gmail account.) These owners will have all the same rights as the original owner, including the ability to add and remove owners.

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Yes, it's possible to have multiple users for one Webmaster Tools account. The SEO company needs to have its own account, then add the site in question.

They will get a verification code or file - they can send this to you to add to the site. Now they will become verified owners and can see all the same stats you do.

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