I want to track clickthroughs from emails using tracking URLs (eg crafted at URL builder). I'm planning out the various terms to ensure that I have max flexibility in future, and can accommodate, and track different versions of the email (some crude AB testing).

I have found that in the advanced segments panel:

  • Campaign maps to utm_campaign,
  • Source maps to utm_source,
  • Ad Content maps to utm_content, and
  • Medium maps to utm_medium

Can I target utm_term?

Is this likely to be useful, or am I overthinking this :)

Tx for your consideration

looking for the utm_term

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utm_term maps to 'keyword', as in the image above...

(sorry, I wasn't sure that was the case when I asked, or if what I wanted was useful... it is!)


Yeah its very useful if you are using only Anlytics to track your traffic . If you are using any other powerful software than no need .

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    thanks @ashish, do you know which 'selector' maps to utm_term in the UI above? Also interested in your thoughts on 'other powerful software'.. tx!
    – ptim
    Aug 26, 2013 at 5:11

Here's the best thing to do...

When sharing a link, posting it to Twitter, sharing on Facebook etc... just look at the link in the address bar of your browser. For example:


Look for the question mark, followed by "utm." It doesn't matter what comes afterwards. For example, ?utm_term=.meanlinglesscrap#.nobodyreallyneeds.

Before you share you link, just delete all the useless stuff! In the above example, you can just share:


... and the link still works! But now you don't have this sneaky tracking, following code going from place to place.

Happy to be of assistance! ;)

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