First off I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this question, if it is please direct me to the correct place. Ok with that out of the way I have a question about where to host my website. I am a fairly experienced web developer who hosts my stuff on a github.io page. This has worked for me but I want to try and get into hosting my own server that I control. Can you Webmasters please give me an idea of what website I could use that would allow me to have a custom domain and have a server that would run basic things like php, mysql and server side scripts. I have read this but it did not tell me what services would provide the best web hosting for my needs.

Other Details:
My site will probaly only get 10-20 visits a day so I'm not looking for heavy traffic web hosting
PHP supported needed
mysql support would be nice but, I can live without it
I would like to only be spending around $15 a month
I would need a custom domain I don't want any of that www.myname.bu1.4.com/freehosting

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Gandi.net seems to have what you need for some affordable prices.

Even though I have no experience with them, they have a reputation of high quality services with members of the Debian Project (which is how I learned about them in the first place).

What I do know is that they are clueful and that they support Free Software project upon which they base their technology (for instance, Debian proper).

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