I'm working on a site with large banners on the home page under the main menu that rotate. I'm being told that for SEO I need to overlay the text in the banner over the banner image and remove the text from the image itself. Isn't that what alt tags are for or am I ignorant? Is there anything to be gained by this approach? Seems like wasted effort to me.

My apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere.


alt tags are perfectly fine for providing a text description of what is visible in your banners. The only advantage of having real text on the image is that you may be better able to provide localized banners.

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Adding text as overlays to image rather than having embedding on image version is a better approach because:

  1. You can add content per your needs (with efficient usage of Keywords) and thus control keyword density on a particular page. SEO benefit.

  2. Tomorrow if you need to update the text on image; generating new images (with updated text) would be a costly and may need a designer requirement to regenerate image. Where as changing overlay text is quite simple process and takes no time.

  3. Text & Image can be updated independently.

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