How to I keep a site always on SSL with padlock symbol always exists. Is there any way to optimize the page for SSL in JSP and Servlets ?

Just tell about jsp and servlet optimization so answer do not make long discussion


You can tell if your site is in secure mode using ServletRequest.isSecure(). If you find that the request is not secure, then issue a redirect to the secure version using HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect(location).

As far as optimizing for HTTPS, the only thing that I typically do is make sure that external resources (images, JavaScript, CSS) are all fetched securely. If you try to load HTTP resources into a HTTPS page, browsers will complain.


I am not sure what exactly you are asking but here is my suggestion based on what i understand from your question.

To keep your website always on SSL, you need to install an SSL certificate on your server by generating CSR for your domain.

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