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I am running a website with PR2. On that site, I'd like to create a forum. For the domain structure I could either use:

www.forums.yourdomain.com www.yourdomain.com/forums

According to SEO, what domain structure would be best? If I choose www.forums.yourdomain.com then it's a new subdomain with no PageRank (PR0) and if I choose www.yourdomain.com/forums then it's already a PR2 website. Can I also make my forum premium and earn through it? Will this decrease my PR2 site ranking? Kindly tell what your thoughts are on this ...

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  • PageRank is per page, not for an entire site. PR2 is certainly PageRank of your homepage. – Zistoloen Aug 13 '13 at 11:01

You have a misconception about Pagerank. It is assigned on a page by page basis, so any new URL will have pagerank 0 until it gets some links. That will be the case for either forums in a folder, or forums on a sub-domain. Since you will be linking to your forum from the rest of your site, you will be passing pagerank to the forums whether they are a sub-directory or a sub-domain.

As for which is better for SEO, that is answered by this question: How does google regard subdomains with regard to SEO?

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