Maybe a silly question, but if you have a 404 error, than Google does not want to index your site. Of course you are going to say: 'who said that, that's not true', I know... But Google does not like 8000 404 errors either :) And that's the case on my site...

Well, I have to say that the structure of my website is built this way. People can post from the front end and link to non-existing posts. That's fine with me, but not fine with Google. I have read many topics here and I saw that redirecting these pages to the homepage (301) is not good too...

But what is than? In Webmasters I am seeing 8000 crawl errors, which are leading to bad results in Google (I know that, because before that it was much better). What should I do know? What is a solution if 404 and 301's are not?

  • Can you provide more information about your site and/or the URL? Why would users post links to non-existent posts? Aug 7 '13 at 22:29
  • It's a dictionary site where people can make up words. The url is not important. Let's say you have this information.... can you provide an answer? How bad is this for SEO?
    – Johan
    Aug 7 '13 at 22:30