There is a section named "URL parameters" for dealing changes in URL structure, recently I remove language code from URL, how can I notify google about that?

http://www.tarafdari.com/fa/node/26987 changed to http://www.tarafdari.com/node/26987

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The URL Parameters section of Webmaster Tools cannot do what you want it to do.

URL parameters are name value pairs that come after the question mark. For example in the URL http://example.com/folder/page.html?sessionid=738392930320 the parameter name is sessionid and you could tell Google to crawl "one representative URL" because each visitor gets a different number.

Webmaster tools provides no functionality for having Googlebot ignore other parts of the URL. You will need to find a different method to have Googlebot crawl your content correctly. You could try 301 redirects or a canonical meta tag.

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