I created a folder on my Dropbox and then symlinked it to both of my computers that I use for development. The folder is working correctly and I can see all the files in it from both computers. The problem arises when I try and access the databases from my MacBook Air. When I open up MAMP Pro and start the web service I can't connect to my development sites, at least from one of my computers.

My questions are: Is this even a good idea to symlink the db folder for MAMP? If it is not then is the a smart way to develop locally on two machines? Can I prompt phpMyAdmin to reindex the db folder so it can start accessing the databases?

I have tried shutting down both versions of the server software. I have restarted both machines. I am at a loss right now.



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Dropbox can not be used for sharing a database. Its not a normal file that can be copied. There are a few options on working around this.

Use Mysqldump and export your databases then copy to dropbox. This would be every time you switch computers.
mysqldump db_name

Set up a SSH tunnel to connect to MySQL on the other computer.
ssh -fNg -L 3307: [email protected]
mysql -h -P 3307 -u dbuser -p db

Set up Multi-MySQL using bin logs. http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/binary-log.html

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