In Google Webmaster Tools, is it normal for a website for which the Structured Data Testing Tool shows that "Authorship is working for this webpage" -- to not be listed in the "Author Stats" section (under "Labs")?

I already understand that successful verification using the Structured Data Testing Tool does not guarantee that Google will actually display authorship in the SERPs, and that Google decides this at its own discretion.

However, shouldn't such successful verification at least guarantee that the website is included in the "Author Stats" section (which purportedly covers "pages for which you are the verified author")?

I would have assumed that, if Google is not yet displaying authorship for that site, it would show both its Impressions and Clicks as being "<10".

Are my assumptions incorrect?

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Authorship snippets are not guaranteed to be displayed, even if implemented in a technically correct way. When these aren't shown, they are not counted in the authorship statistics. It only uses "<10" to display those where the number is >=1 & <10.

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