When my clients adds me as an admin on there Google Analytics account for the website I am going to manage. Each time a separate Account shows up on my Google analytics with a single property in it (that is the clients site).

Is it possible to merge all those accounts and keep them as properties under a Account I create, call it "Clients"

I currently have 20+ clients accounts and its getting overwhelming. Its would be great if I can move them to a single account and add each site as property.

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Google Analytics does not have functionality for moving or organizing accounts. This has been requested in the Google product forums. The best that you can do is to rename your accounts. Maybe you could name them all with a prefix such that they sort after your own sites and your sites come first.

From that same thread, user Whims posted instructions for renaming accounts:

  • Click on the Admin button in the orange bar at the upper right
  • Once on the Account Admin page.. select an account from the list in the provided table by clicking on it
  • On the next page select the Account Settings tab. there you can change the container account name

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