I own a domain which currently uses Google Apps (it was free back then).

Due to recent events I have decided I want to move everything right where I can control the data, which basically means I have the idea of either using a dyndns solution and have at home my own mail server or, better, use an hosted machine to retrieve the mail and the move it via mua to a local machine.

My problem is that I know basically next to nothing about DNS and stuff, while I have installed mail servers before. :) [I simply never had the need to work with DNS...]

I'd really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction: what do I need to do to:

  1. terminate the Google Apps management of the domain
  2. setup dns entries to that mail goes to the new server instead of Google Apps


  1. if I decide to go the "hosted route" and I put up a machine via a supercheap hosting seller (say, the cheapest OVH one is a few euros a month), how can I tell the world that that machine is the mail server?

Of course I would be wise to do a full backup of the mail on Google Apps, and that's easy enough to do by imap (right?).

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Mail for your domain is controlled by the MX records. All you need to do is change the mail servers listed in your MX records from Google Apps to your new mail host. My DNS host has an interface like this:

MX specification screenshot

As you suggest, you will want to remove any email you want to save from Google's servers before making this change.

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