In a MediaWiki instance of mine, I found myself using many English terms' Chinese translation repeatedly.

Is there a way to centralize a glossary of such English terms and their Chinese translation such that, in an arbitrary MediaWiki article, primarily written in Chinese, one could display a term's Chinese translation by using some reference that only involves the English term?

That way, i can avoid having to remember the exact Chinese translation, and just specially tag the terms for them to show up translated in the result formatted page.

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How about making templates like Template:English word with its contents looking like this?


In your wiki pages, write, for example,

当前的{{English word}}维基

which should result in


The noinclude portion in the template code is optional, but would allow you to maintain a glossary page at Category:Glossary that lists all the English terms. (However, this "glossary" only works in English-Chinese direction, not the other way around.)

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    I ended up using this exact solution, i.e. using Template. The <noinclude> trick is good!
    – Meng Lu
    Aug 4, 2013 at 3:28
  • Great! Of course, there could always be better solutions (extension-based, perhaps?), but you're welcome to accept my answer to indicate that this question is resolved.
    – Asahiko
    Aug 4, 2013 at 22:12

You can use the Translate extension for your translation work. While translating you will earn a translation memory for free, which will suggest you translations for common phrases next time you encounter them.

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