I have a citrix CAG which currently uses Thawte's certificate. What is the process to start using GoDaddy's SSL certificate?


From the Citrix Forums - How to renew Citrix Access Gateway SSL certificate as posted by Sam Jacobs and Jarian Gibson:

...the best way to generate a CSR for a (new or renewal of an) SSL certificate is to:

  • generate the CSR on any IIS server via the IIS Certificate Wizard,
  • send the CSR to your CA (GoDaddy in this case),
  • import the certificate received from your CA via the certificate wizard,
  • export the certificate ( including the private key! ) via the MMC Certificate Snap-in into a .pfx file,
  • convert the .pfx file to .pem format, and finally
  • import the .pem file onto your CAG
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